We all can drive greener now.

Most of us still drive Petrol or Diesel or hybrid cars.

In the future cars will most likely become Electric or hydrogen powered.This technology is very expensive at the moment. Hopefullly,this will eventually become affordable.

There are some things we can do RiGHT NOW to drive eco-friendly.

1. Switch off the engine if you are stuck in a traffic jam. Leaving it running whilst stationary for long periods is unnecessary.This pumps extra fumes into the atmosphere.(stop/start tech is an available feature on some cars so use it)

2. Check your tyres regularly!

It’s easy to neglect your tyres.If they are under inflated this will cause excessive wear and bald patches on the outer edges.This causes them drag which makes the car less efficient.

Remove any unnecessary items or weight from your car.

If you are carrying a heavy load, you should increase the tyre pressure. Refer to the manual.

Over inflation will cause balding in the centre of the tyre. Wearing them out too soon.

3.Fuel. People like to fill up. Unless you are going on long distant journey, try half a tank instead.This reduces the weight in the car. Improving your fuel economy.

4. Regularly check the cars fluids.Check the oil using the dipstick.The car needs to be on level ground.Remove the dipstick.Wipe clean with a tissue.Reinsert it then pull it out again and check it’s above the bottom mark.

Brake fluid and coolant levels should be checked too.

5. Avoid over revving the engine. This just uses more fuel and pollutes more.

These are just a few small things that we can do.